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Harmony and Conflict

Harmony and Conflict

Harmony and Conflict

Harmony and Conflict – Known for their loud and rowdy concerts in recent times. Maggs and Trish were rising stars in the early 1990’s with founding members Linda, Trish and Maggs. Music fans enjoyed them and the duo got together for the first time in 1996 and performed under the name “New Gold Dream”. After the release of 2 albums “Heart of Gold andBlood Sugar” the band hired a new vocalist with calling themselves “Trish”. “Trish” left the band in 1998 effective immediately and did a solo career. She was very successful both solo and with group projects and continues to be actively involved today.

Maggs and Trish unite for the duet recording “By Myself” for the Well-known producer/heir to the Van Morrison’s “When Morning Comes” which was released in 2000. It was given an Oscar by the Academy of Country Music.Maggs and Trish nonetheless did a cover of the Scott Joplin’s classic “I Can’t Stand It no More” which was popularized by the Stevie Wonder.

In 2002, Trish released her first solo album “For Your Eyes Only” which entered the UK Top ten at #6. The same year, she also released “Don’t seams Right” which debuted at #23 and included a unique co-starring role with Glenn Tilbrook……. acclaim! In November 2003, she released “Da Business Ismine” (That’s Just Too Much” for those of you not familiar with the lyric). In December 2003, she released her second solo album ” Touch of My Hand” which became her first number one single with a peak position of #6. This was quite a feat, considering that Stevie Wonder was her primary musical influences.

In February 2006, she released her third solo album “Okay sexy, Firegrassy” which entered the UK charts at #9 and spawned the fantastic single “Always Like This” which is gaining innasalf increase in popularity. In July 2006, she released her fourth solo album “Burnin” which is gaining favorable reviews across the country.

“orers in the Palace”, an album which was released in 2006, saw the compilation album ” XI” which gathered together the tracks that were premiered by Maggs and Trish in 2006. ” XI” won the Keyboard Magazine Great British Album in 2006. ” XI” also contains the huge hit “Always Like This”, a unique blend of soft sounds and steady paced rock music perfectly suited to the street party atmosphere and off-nyc antics of summer.

“Burnin” was the first single from her next album, “True Colors” which was released in November 2008. “True Colors” immediately gave her fans their signature tune as it quickly shot up the Billboard 200 Chart. This album was also circulated as a digital only album and the mercury price of 1 pound ($11) made it a big hit online.

In June 2009, she released ” limbo 2″, the second album from her and the 700,000 copies sold make this album the biggest selling album of all time. The tracks on the album were co-written by Kayne and Derek too protect the innocent so the guilty can still bask in the warm bask of their newly found salvation. Maggs and Trish developed inseparable bond as they continued to write ever since they first met in 2004. She and Derek have been actively involved in the writing process of the new albums and they have finally signed a deal for a third record. It’s highly anticipated!

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So Your Kid Wants to Play the Guitar!

I’m probably further away from your child than anyone probably cares to know, but I’m still glad you had decided to buy a guitar for him. The guitar is going to be such a huge part of your child’s life, and I do hope that you have patience enough to go through the aches and pains of starting a new hobby. There are a lot of questions that come up with the purchase of the guitar. The updates will get a bit technical, but they are pretty much simple. Harmony and Conflict

The first question that one is going to ask themselves is whether or not that they are going to look at it or play it. If you want it to be more of a serious instrument, one that your child is going to take violin lessons on, and you are certain that he is going to enjoy that, then that is probably a good way to go. You may think that you don’t have enough money to purchase a guitar, or you are afraid that he won’t take a serious interest in the guitar. If you are a stay at home parent, you are probably right, although, that doesn’t mean you can’t push the guitar a little harder. Harmony and Conflict

You are still deciding if you will purchase the guitar and just hold it for a month, or go with the idea of giving it to your child after a month. You will have a whole lot ofuren specifically about the learning of the guitar, and whether or not your child will enjoy actually holding the guitar and playing it. Remember, it’s going to be something that he will take a pretty serious interest in, so you do want to spend the time deciding this.

Again, you are going to have to shark to the bottom of prices on this guitar, unless something drastic happens, such as the child decides that he absolutely loves Elvis and wants to learn everything he can get his hands on. Even then, we still recommend going with a kids size, 8, or a combo kids size to start. Something like a 1/2 size guitar would be appropriate, or a kids size to small to medium body guitar would work best, depending on your child’s age and development.

The reason that this guitar would be appropriate would be the fact that it will be used at a younger age. Your child is still going to pick up on the idea of a guitar and the mechanics of how the guitar works. The guitar is a pretty complex instrument, so I would say that you need to really go all out and make sure that everything comes together. Harmony and Conflict

When you’re considering the purchase, you really have to think about the type of music that your child is going to be playing. Here in California, anything past Guitar Hero is really out of question. Rock, Country, any type of music that has a bit of a twang to it will definitely not work for a child. The music for Rock, Country, is really well suited for kids, and vice versa. The best thing to do is to literally take the guitar out of the equation. Give it away to your child after they have accomplished something on their own. Once they have confidence in their playing ability, then it might be a great time for them to try it out.

Let your child take charge of the guitar and instructions. Even give them the Rockettes debut, “We’re all in this together” song, and lead them through their own song, just like the Rockettes. Then, if they are ambitious and really want to be a musician, then they can take lessons and form a band, or go on to teach themselves. You want to spend time making sure that they have every need that a musician might have, and that they have a great love for music.

A guitar is a wonderful thing, but the best thing about it is the fact that they create beautiful music when they are played. The sounds that a guitar can make are absolutely amazing when you hear them. It creates a beautiful soothing melody that can calm all of us, instead of a loud banging, wrenching, no doubt stressful day. So, give your child the gift of Guitar Hero when they ask for it, and then sit back and appreciate their beautiful gift. Harmony and Conflict